First 90 days on the job for introverts

Published on: 15th February, 2022

Let’s talk about some things that can help you ease into a new job and avoid feeling overworked for those first 90 days and ways to help you avoid burnout. 


If possible, look at a calendar, and at 90 days mark, schedule at least a three-day weekend. It’s often the case that at a new job, the new mental processes and all the new learning will have you feeling burnt out at about 90 days. Also, consider the same for 30 days and 60 days if your job allows. Keep federal holidays in mind and use them as rest days as well to avoid burnout. 


Set the tone early on for the type of boundaries and recharge time you would like that allows you to work best. This could be as simple as telling your manager you would like to, for example, avoid early meetings on Mondays. Set these expectations early on. 


Be intentional about meeting people. It doesn't have to be a live Zoom meeting. It can be prerecorded video or audio. Meeting with people daily via zoom can be tiring, so be intentional when meeting with others.  Make the meetings productive and ask questions that allow you to better support your team.


Think about the communications you use. It could be a web series or podcast; get creative.


Find a mentor, mentors are great for getting information, getting people talking, and for pointers you can use moving forward. 


Be clear with what works for you and set aside downtime. These are the keys to a successful first 90 days. 

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