Employer red flags

Published on: 8th February, 2022

Today let’s talk about employers and red flags. There are tell-tell signs from employers that might indicate to you that it’s best not to accept a job offer from them or look for a new job if you are with the company currently. 


The first one is the sink or swim method. At first, it might seem like the company has a good onboarding process, but once work starts, you are left to your own devices to succeed or fail on your own. Avoid companies like this because if you are not appropriately trained, chances are others aren’t appropriately trained, and customers aren’t happy. 


Also, if the entire staff is either young or old, this is a red flag. It can mean that it’s hard to move up in that company, and everyone has been there for a long time if everyone is older. And if everyone is younger, it means people aren’t sticking around and just moving on. 


Always in an interview, ask, why is this position now open? Is this a new position, or is this a position someone left, and why did they leave? The answer can be a great indicator if the company will be a good fit.


Another red flag is when a company says, “everyone here is family. We are all like family”. Generally, this means you are overworked without pay and expected to do everything and anything without complaining because “we are all family.” 


Avoid companies where in the interview they ask you if you are the type of person that leaves at the end of the workday or leaves when the job is done. This tends to indicate that the company doesn't have enough staff, and you will be overworked and expected to pick up the pieces. 


Another huge red flag is when companies say they offer “competitive pay” and won't tell you how much they pay until they give you an offer. This is a big indicator of low pay. 


Poor communication during the hiring process is also a red flag. If it’s messy from the beginning, it can indicate overall disorganization within the company. 


Don’t allow companies to rush you once an offer is made. This could mean they want to snatch you up before you have had a chance to “shop around” and compare job offers. 

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