You are not alone in your introvert struggles.

Published on: 24th May, 2022

You are not alone in your introvert struggles


In today’s world, it can be hard to be an introvert. Introverts face many struggles, as we navigate extrovert-biased workplaces and social situations. Often, introverts feel exhausted and overwhelmed by the sheer pressure to be more extroverted and like to have ample alone time to recharge and feel at our best. Unfortunately, not everyone understands this.


In this episode, I will share with you the following:

  • Understanding the struggles that introverts might be facing.
  • Some of the most successful introverts in the world.
  • Providing a perspective that you are not alone.


Hello and welcome to the not so travelling introvert. Today, I want to talk about some struggles that introverts might have, but also the fact that you are not alone. So, by understanding why you might struggle with certain types of communication or certain things, it means you can better explain yourself to other people. For example, extroverts in your life, and for example, conversation, due to some perfectionist tendencies and just also not wanting to interrupt or various other things. A lot of introverts don't speak up or interrupting a conversation because they're listening and absorbing.


Even when you have something to say that you might not feel it's going to be insightful enough, or you're just listening and you want to have deeper conversations. So, just letting people know that oh hey, how's the weather isn't the best conversation starter for you. You might neglect phone calls. You probably much prefer text or email or asynchronous types of communication because you can skip the small talk because that's socially acceptable in those forms of communication. But phone calls, it's a little different.


You might even find yourself procrastinating and making important phone calls or return calls even to those that you care about. Or for example, just to get your dentist. You must feel energized enough to be an enthusiastic participant in the conversation, which can cause you to put off making calls even if they are vital. You also might find it difficult to think in groups because you need to think before you speak and because you might need silence while you ponder. You might find it challenging to participate in a conversation where there are comments and ideas flying everywhere.


You may feel that you can't gather your thoughts well enough to contribute to the conversation because you're still processing and because of this, big groups might exhaust you. When you have to be around a lot of people, especially when you don't know them, you might feel exhausted fast, and one reason is because it involves a lot of meaningless small talk which we talked about before, which doesn't come naturally to us. Introverts and putting in that much effort can wear you out along with the pace of the conversation and you wanting to think and then sort of feeling left behind almost because the conversation has moved on.


Maybe you might dislike working in groups because you must rely on others to communicate in ways that you might not feel comfortable with, and it can be a real challenge to complete a project. There's also the issue of perfectionism there, but not being able to have the time to think and do focused work because you're supposed to be working in a team and as a group, but regardless of that, you are in good company. Albert Einstein was also believed to be an introvert. In fact, Einstein believed that the quiet life was the secret to his creativity. If he had any preconceived notions about introverts not being successful, he is one that trounces that stereotype.


Another example is Bill Gates. You certainly can't say he's not successful but he is, again, another quiet human that enjoys his solitude and if he's called out for being that way, it doesn't bother him. And why should I he's living his life? Abraham Lincoln was someone who believed in having integrity. He believed more of being the unsung hero rather than performing acts for the sake of the attention that it gets. However, he was able to attention that he did receive because he was the President of the United States and that's got a lot of attention.

You'll also find that Lady Gaga is an introvert. With all the flash and energy from her concerts, it's hard to believe that she might even fall into this category. But she is a very private and needs a lot of time to recharge. Mel Streep is a well-known actress and she is so talented. But she is and she is an introvert along with Michael Jordan who is among the list of celebrities who is a larger than life basketball player and at one point even tried his hand at professional baseball. But he is also an introvert.


So, you are not alone and you, too can be successful. It's just knowing more about yourself that helps. So the next time anyone says to you that introverts can't make their way in this extroverted world, refer to them to this list. These are all people who have accomplished amazing feats in their life and are tremendous inspirations to everyone, not just you.


Thank you for listening. This is Janice at janice@thecareerintrovert.com helping you build your brand and get hired. Have a great rest of your week.

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