Solo Adventures for Introverts

Published on: 15th March, 2022

Why would you want to go on a solo journey? Most of us enjoy travel, and that comes in many forms, from a weekend trip or a year-long trip. Most times, we tend to travel with others. But there are reasons to consider traveling alone. 


Silence and solitude: our lives are filled with noise and stimuli from the start of our day. Rarely do we get silence and solitude. These are the best times to slow down and reflect. Experiencing retreats alone by yourself in nature can have great benefits on your mental well-being.


Learning to deal with loneliness: voluntary periods of loneliness can calm your mind and entangle all that's going on in your head. Disconnecting from your normal routine and going into nature helps you gain calmness and concentration and puts you face to face with your strengths and weaknesses to work through. 


Detaching from technology: we spend so most of our time online. We have the tendency to get lost and scroll on our phones for hours. Companies design their content this way to keep us on our phones for longer. Traveling in nature takes us off our phones and reminds us that we don't need to be our phones. It's okay to be bored.


Start small, don't overextend yourself with a month-long mountain climb. Start with a small nature walk in your local park. Happiness can lie in removing yourself, and there is magic in nature. Give nature a try, go on a mini solo adventure. 

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