Scheduling fun

Published on: 25th January, 2022

Let’s talk about making time for fun and creativity. 


It’s easy to block out time for work and events you know are happening, and it’s even easy to block out time for rest. But are you also blocking out time for fun? Not vacations or parties. But just something you find to be fun. 


Start allowing for some mental white space in your calendar. This time is for sitting, daydreaming, and being creative without distractions from your phone, work, or social media. Truly just sitting with you and your thoughts. 


When you are thinking about your schedule (even if you work a 9-5), think about when you can schedule some creative white space and some fun time.  


Before creating a schedule that works for you, consider the following.


Know your priorities and your overall goal: This way, when you are scheduling, you keep an overarching goal in mind of what moves you forward. 


Learn to say, No: No, or you could say “let me check my schedule.” Knowing your priorities makes it easier to say no, and it makes it easier to know when to say yes. Stepping back and saying, “let me check my schedule,” allows you to take the time to evaluate if this is something that will advance you towards your overall goal. If not, say no. 


Focus on impact: Focus on the impact your choices make on your life and aspects of your life. When you see the effects good choices make, it’s easier to say no to things you don’t want to do. 


Understand how long tasks take: We tend to be bad at scheduling out how long a task might take. When scheduling a task, don't lie to yourself, be honest about how long your task will take. Give yourself a time buffer as well. 


Group like tasks together: If you are already out at a doctor's appointment, consider adding any outdoor errand to your schedule while you're out. Or, if you're already online posting, your social media use that time for your page engagement. Make the most of your scheduled time. 


Use the right tools: whatever the right tools for the job are, make sure you know what those are and be ready to use them when needed. 


Establish a system and a routine: when you do something in a specific order day in and day out, you are less likely to make mistakes. 


Schedule everything: work, sleep, eating, downtime, white space, and fun time. When you really want to do something having it on your schedule and committing to yourself can be very helpful.

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