Remote leadership tips

Published on: 4th January, 2022

Tips for remote team leaders


Let's talk about some ways to be a better remote leader. 


First, hire people who can work independently. There is no need to micromanage a team when you can trust that they are getting the job done. Hire candidates who have taken ownership of their work in the past. 


Over communicate, and encourage others to do the same. Communication is different when working remotely. Consider a shared google calendar for the entire team (including CEO). Find ways to make sure everyone is in the know. 


Cultivate spaces where people can share what they are working on regularly. And make it so that others can hold each other accountable. Be it with long projects or a project of the day.  


Understand that life happens, people get sick, people need off days, the doorbell might ring, you could hear kids in the background. As long as the work is getting done and the interruptions are just occasional, be understanding. 


Be flexible about how you communicate. Not everything needs to be a "cameras on" zoom meeting. A quick form of communication is often a more effective way to get the job done. 


Build systems that account for downtime, for international teams or different holidays, etc. Find ways to communicate without interrupting your team's downtime. 


Practice empathy and check up on your team regularly. As the team leader, this is your responsibility. Actively listen and work to cultivate a healthy working environment. 


Ask for feedback. Just because it works now doesn't mean it will always work.

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