Episode 373

Building Success with Small Daily Habits

Published on: 21st May, 2024

Sure, here's a comprehensive sequence of topics covered in the transcript, with sub-topic bullets below each primary topic:


- Janice Chaka introduces the episode topic: daily habits that lead to success.

- Emphasis on success being a gradual process built through regular habits.

- Initial thoughts on what success looks like and how habits play a role.

**Prioritizing Tasks**

- Importance of having a to-do list.

- The necessity of prioritizing tasks due to the never-ending nature of to-do lists.

- Impact of starting the day with critical tasks.

- Benefits: Increased productivity and more fulfilling days.

**Setting Clear Goals**

- Importance of knowing what you're aiming for in short, medium, and long term.

- Need for setting achievable and clear action plans.

- Benefits of specific, measurable, obtainable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART) goals.

**Embracing Learning**

- Commit to learning something new every day.

- Various methods: reading articles, listening to podcasts, taking courses.

- Benefits: Growth, adaptability, and competitiveness.

- Time commitment: Can be as short as a 3-minute TED talk or reading for 20 minutes.

**Practicing Mindfulness**

- Breathing practice as a simple method to enhance mindfulness.

- Instructions on how to practice: sit in silence, concentrate on breathing, return focus if mind drifts.

- Benefits: Stabilizes thoughts, fosters presence and peace.

**Networking Intentionally**

- Engage regularly with people in and beyond your profession.

- Methods: social media, online forums, virtual webinars, interest-based groups.

- Focus: Sharing knowledge, offering support, being open to collaboration.

**Daily Reflection**

- End the day by reflecting on accomplishments, learnings, and areas for improvement.

- Benefits: Keeps you grounded, helps you learn from experiences, and aids in effective future planning.


- Recap on the importance of daily habits for achieving success.

- Encouragement to start building daily habits for transformative results.

Janice Chaka [:

Hello, and welcome to the Traveling introvert. Today, I wanna talk about habits that you can do on a regular basis that help lead towards success. Success, contrary to popular belief, isn't something that happens overnight, and what people fail to talk about The daily, weekly, monthly, regular habits that you get into that help move you closer towards success. And so I wanna talk about those today just to sort of so you have it in your mind when you're thinking about, okay. Well, what does success look like for me? What does success feel like? What should I be doing towards success? And so success is all about sort of the habits and routines that you establish to work on your goals, and integrating certain key habits into your daily, weekly, monthly life creates a foundation for sustained success. That's the thing about habits. They need to be sustainable, and then if they're sustainable, then you can go on and do other things. So I wanna talk about a couple of daily habits that could really make a difference in your ability to achieve whatever goals that you have set yourself.

Janice Chaka [:

Prioritizing tasks is huge. We all have to do lists, and they are never ending. And as as painful as that might be to think about, knowing that in advance is really good mindset to have, and this is why you need to prioritize them. And the priorities might change on a day to day or an hour to hour basis, but at least starting out your day by first identifying the most critical tasks that you need to do, What you tackle first kind of sets the tone for the rest of your day. Do you sort of, deal with putting out fires for the start of your day and then you realize, oh, I've only got an hour left to do actual tasks that I wanted to do. Prioritizing tasks ensures that you focus your your energy on what matters most first to be more The this will lead to more productive and fulfilling days. Setting clear goals. Know what you're aiming for, not only just in the short term, but the medium and long term.

Janice Chaka [:

Setting achievable goals gives you a clear action plan where you can prioritize your tasks and helps measure your progress. Ensure ensure that sort of these goals are specific, measurable, obtainable, relevant, and time bound to the smart thing is really helpful with that. Another thing The, kind of slips normally when we are so busy doing all the things is just learning. Embrace learning. Commit to learning something new every day. Whether it's reading an article, listening to a podcast, or taking a course, simply expanding your knowledge and skills on a daily basis in small incremental ways is crucial for growth. Lifelong learning keeps you adaptable and competitive, and you can find learning opportunities at your library, online, or professional associations. It's very easy to do, and doesn't have to take up a long time.

Janice Chaka [:

It could be a 3 minute thing that you watch a TED talk or listen to a podcast or read a book for 20 minutes a day. It doesn't have to be a big thing, but committing to doing that every day is huge. Then The sort of practicing mindfulness. Enhancing mindfulness is as simple as starting with a breathing practice. Each day, take a brief period to sit in silence and concentrate on your breath's natural flow. Feel the air enter and leave your body, and if you find your mind drifting, calmly return your focus to your breathing. This habit helps stabilize your thoughts and fosters a state of kind of immediate presence and peace. And then think about networking intentionally.

Janice Chaka [:

Regularly engage with people in your profession and beyond to make relationships and connections that that are it goes beyond traditional networking methods like business meetings or conferences. Includes networking on social media, participating in online forums, attending virtual webinars, or joining interest based groups. It's about sharing knowledge, offering support, and being open to open to collaboration and reflect daily. End your day by reflecting on what you have accomplished, what you have learned, what you can improve. Reflecting each day keeps you grounded, learning from your experiences, and planning more effectively for the future. See, success is 1 with daily habits that shape your growth and achievements. The most effective change is incremental. Small daily actions leading to sustained stunning results.

Janice Chaka [:

Start building daily habits and witness their transformative power on your journey to success in all areas of your life. Thanks for listening. This is Janice at the The Career Introvert, helping you build your brand and get hired. Have a great rest of your Week.

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